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What are your prices?

I am a full custom shop.  Many companies do production guns very well,  but I leave you guys the option to build the gun of your choice.  The price of a custom built gun is usually determined on what you want to build. 

Milled or stamped receiver?

I personally prefer having a stamped receiver because if something were to get damaged, I could replace it. I also prefer the weight of a stamped receiver.  I learned very quickly during training classes, ounces equals pounds and pounds equal pain.  Do I think a stamped receiver is less reliable than a milled? Absolutely not.  I have built machine guns on stamped receivers that have shot over 100,000 rounds.  So what are the benefits of a milled receiver?  They can have better accuracy and oftentimes a more smooth action than a stamped reciever.  

What milled receiver do you recommend?

Sharps Bros.

What kind of parts kit do you recommend and what’s the difference?

Most guns I build, if they are made of good base parts, will shoot the same. Regardless if you get a battle worn Romanian to a Russian, you will get the same reliability and accuracy with my guns.  Parts kits are often priced based on what is available and rarity.  Parts kits also do not stay the same price.  Once the availability of a particular parts kit dries up, the cost on kits can skyrocket x10 the original price.

Could i provide parts for the build?

Absolutely! Especially if it is something rare or hard to get, it will save me the time trying to hunt things down. THAT BEING SAID! I will not instal aftermarket parts that I think are garbage.

Will you take on my build?

Maybe… I do turn down work and only build less than 50 Iron Born Armory AKs a year.  If all 49 get taken up, I no longer accept work till the next year.

7.62×39 or 5.45.39 or .223 or…

We always say “if it’s your first AK, make it 7.62×39. If it’s your second AK, make it 7.62×39. If it’s your third AK make whatever you want but make sure you have all the mags and ammo you could ever want”.  That being said my first AK was a 5.45×39, I have a ton of ammo and mags and no regrets!

What is your backlog?

It really depends on a few things. 1. Availability of parts/parts coming from a different country.  2. If you wanted a complex custom finish.  3. Where I am in relation to other projects.  But the average time has been 4-6 months. 

Why are you better than so an so?

I have been working on ComBloc guns since early 2009.  I was taught by Jim Fuller to build the absolute best fighting rifles that money can buy.  Guns that people can depend their life on.  I understand my reputation is on the line for every gun that I build.  But unlike these other companies, I do not have an overhead.  I do not have to pay rent on a building, or employees, or have to lessen my quality so I don’t get “upside down”.  It is one hundred percent me doing all the building, testing and assembling.  You will only find a few guys, in the entire country, who have worked on these guns as long and many as I have.  I can only think of 2.

My friend’s, cousin’s, wife’s brother in law built this gun. Can you fix it?

I could fix anything even if that means a complete rebuild.  But I will most likely not work on your gun.  There is too much of a liability on working on guns that are not built by a reputable builder or company.

I’m local, Could I stop by?

We are not open to the public.  We are by appointment only.

Do you offer build classes?

I do and they are usually small around 3 people max.  You do not have to have any experience with firearms to come to the class.  I often found women and parents, building with their teenage kids, to build the best guns.  Students who do not have egos are the ones that have the best attention to detail and instruction.  Build classes often will require a 2 months minimum notice to have parts prepared for what we will build.  All guns will require FFL transfers if you are from out of state and or background checks, if local, before being released to you.

I see that you make custom knives too, could purchase one with my rifle build?

It may be a possibility but I am currently several years backlogged on knives and are not taking any new orders.  That being said, there may be a possibility. No guarantee.

What is your contact information?
Where can we see some photos of your builds and projects